luni, 2 august 2010

Test limba engleza FCE 2 with key


A. Circle the correct answer

1. John and Mike ______ today.
a. is absent b. was absent c. are absent d. are absents

2. The police ______ here to question you about the robbery.
a. are b. is c. was d. has been

3. The reason for his many absences and failures _____ easy to determine.
a. are b. were c. is d. have been

4. My father, who ________ in Oklahoma, is a retired rancher.
a. live b. living c. is alive d. lives

5. ECL tests ______ fun.
a. is considered b. are considered c. was considering d. were considering

6. Eagles ______ faster than chickens _______.
a. flew ... do b. flying ... did c. fly ... do d. were flying ... does

7. Economics ______ a difficult subject.
a. are b. are being c. is d. were

8. There __________ some bad accidents on Loop 1604 lately.
a. are b. have been c. has been d. was

9. Dogs ________ to chase cats.
a. likes b. like c. liking d. are liking

10. There ______ three students waiting to see the supervisor.
a. is b. was c. are d. has been

11. Dogs and cats ________.
a. dislikes another b. disliked one another c. are disliking other d. dislike each other

12. Several _______ that tomorrow is a holiday.
a. people say b. peoples say c. peoples are said d. people saying

13. There ______ a big problem with computer #3.
a. were b. was c. have been d. are

14. What _______ of your children?
a. is the age b. was the ages c. are the age d. are the ages

15. This exercise _________ easy.
a. seem being b. is seeming be c. is seemingly to be d. seems to be

16. I _______ the airport tomorrow.
a. go at b. went in c. am going to d. be going on

17. I _______ a good movie last night.
a. see b. saw c. was seeing d. have seen

18. The children __________ right now.
a. are playing b. played c. play d. were playing

19. My friend _________ the other day.
a. graduates b. is graduating c. graduated d. will graduate

20. Every afternoon I ________ to play tennis.
a. like b. am liking c. liked d. has liked

21. At this moment, the supervisor __________ your record.
a. examines b. is examining c. examined d. will examine

22. I _________ in the military for 6 years.
a. work b. am working c. have work d. have been working

23. By the time you graduate next year, you ________ 20 tests to say the least.
a. will have taken b. will be taking
c. have been taking d. are to be taken

24. He _________ a long time ago.
a. graduates b. graduate c. has graduated d. graduated

25. My dog _______ cars all the time, which is really nasty.
a. chases b. is chase c. chased d. chasing

26. Mr. and Mrs. Smith _______ in Europe last year.
a. are b. was c. were d. have been

27. I _________ at UCLA since August 15.
a. am b. have been c. am being d. will be

28. Your father _________ two hours ago.
a. call b. calls c. is calling d. called

29. The students _________ lunch right now.
a. are eating b. eat c. eating d. were eating

30. I ____________ to Paris next year.
a. went b. am going c. did go d. have gone

31. While I was driving to work this morning, I _________ about my briefing.
a. think b. was thought c. will think d. was thinking

32. First, I went to the movie; then, I ______ some pizza.
a. eat b. will eat c. ate d. am eating

33. Before the firefighters could extinguish the flames, the building _________.
a. will already burn down b. has already burned down
c. is already burning down d. had already burned down

34. When I was a pupil, I always ______ my homework.
a. did b. do c. will do d. have done

35. Before I went to bed last night, I _________ my teeth.
a. brushed b. brush c. brushing d. was brushing

36. Because it was raining, we _________ the picnic.
a. put out b. put off c. put on d. put in

37. I __________ the taste of raw tomatoes ever since I was a little boy.
a. like b. am liking c. liked d. have liked

38. I need to borrow some money because I ________ to bring my wallet this morning.
a. forget b. am forgetting c. will forget d. forgot

39. While I was in college, I ________ on most of my tests.
a. cheat b. have cheated c. cheated d. am cheating

40. Just as I was walking into the classroom, the bell ________.
a. rings b. is ringing c. rang d. had rung

B. Fill in the gaps with the right verb in the right form.

41. He _______________ several letters this morning.
42. We ______________ the sports page a few minutes ago.
43. The children _____________ pictures of their family at the moment.
44. ____________ you ever ____________ to Spain?
45. He _______________ us a story at the party tonight. He promised.
46. Unfortunately, when I __________ home, they __________ already __________ the meal.
47. What _________ you _____________ this time next week?
48. She often borrows money and never __________ me back.
49. Watch out! The ladder _______________.
50. ___________ he _____________ a job yet?



A. Circle the correct answer.

1. c 11. d 21. b 31. d
2. a 12. a 22. d 32. c
3. a 13. b 23. a 33. d
4. d 14. d 24. d 34. a
5. b 15. d 25. a 35. a
6. c 16. c 26. c 36. b
7. c 17. b 27. b 37. d
8. b 18. a 28. d 38. d
9. b 19. c 29. a 39. c
10. c 20. a 30. b 40. c

B. Fill in the gaps with the right verb in the right form.

41. ... wrote/ sent/ typed
42. ... read/ finished (reading)
43. ... are looking at...
44. Have... been/ gone (to)...
45. ... will tell...
46. ... arrived/ got... they had already finished...
47. ... will you be doing...
48. ... pays...
49. ... is going to fall.
50. Has he found/ got(ten)...

TOTAL: 50 items.