luni, 2 august 2010

Test limba engleza FCE 1 with key


A. Circle the correct answer.

1. Optics ______ a fascinating subject.
a. are b. am c. is d. were

2. The news about your X-rays ______ good.
a. are b. were c. is d. have been

3. Five aircraft ________ parked near Hangar # 436.
a. is b. was c. are d. does

4. Dogs and cats ________ each other.
a. dislikes b. disliking c. are disliking d. dislike

5. There ______ big problems with computer #3 over the past twenty-four hours.
a. were b. was c. have been d. are

6. My friend _________ yesterday.
a. graduated b. is to graduate c. graduates d. will graduate

7. Every afternoon I ________ to play tennis since my teenage years.
a. like b. ‘m liking c. liked d. have liked

8. By the time you graduate next month, you ________ at least 20 tests.
a. will have taken b. will be taken c. will have took d. will be taking

9. He _________ some time ago.
a. leaves the party b. is leaving the party c. is left the party d. left the party

10. The privates _________ lunch just now.
a. are eating b. ate c. have eaten d. were eating

11. I _____________ the Hague.
a. did never visit b. have never visited c. never visited d. don’t visit

12. I _________ at the seaside since August 15.
a. am b. have been c. am being d. will be

13. While I was driving to work this morning, I _________ about my briefing.
a. thought b. was thought c. am thinking d. was thinking

14. First, I went to the movie; then, I ______ some pizza.
a. eat b. will have eaten c. ate d. was eating

15. When I was a child, I always ______ my homework.
a. did b. do c. was doing d. have done

16. Before the meeting, the coworkers ________ their presentations.
a. have already prepared b. already prepared c. had already prepared d. are already prepared

17. Because it was raining, we _________ the race.
a. must cancel b. had canceled c. had to cancel d. must have canceled

18. I needed to borrow some money because I ________ bring my wallet.
a. forgot to b. had forgotten to c. will forget to d. had forgot

19. Just as I walked outside, it _________ to rain.
a. started b. starts c. is starting d. is to start

20. Before mailing this letter, you __________ it.
a. must to reread b. would reread c. should reread d. had to reread

21. If I were you, I _______ more for that test.
a. will study b. would study c. studied d. would be studying

22. If a student cheats on a test, he _________ a score of zero.
a. would get b. would have gotten c. may have gotten d. gets

23. They would have drowned if they _____________ their life jackets.
a. had not worn b. will not wear c. would not wear d. didn’t wear

24. If you see Joe, _____________ him a message?
a. shall you give b. did you give c. have you given d. will you give

25. If today _______ Sunday, I might be at the mall.
a. is b. are c. was d. were

26. Which is correct?
a. How are you old? b. How old is it you? c. You how old are? d. How old are you?

27. Where ___________ tomorrow after class?
a. are you going b. you are going c. you go d. do you go

28. When ________________?
a. starts the test b. does the test starts c. is going to start the test d. is the test going to start

29. When is the movie going to end?
a. At what time end the movie? c. At what time will the movie end?
b. The movie end when? d. The movie going to end when?

30. I just saw “Titanic.” ____________________
a. Have you yet seen it? c. Did you see it yet?
b. You saw it yet? d. Have you seen it yet?

31. I think Joe is stupid. ___________________
a. You are agree with me? c. Do you agree with me?
b. Agree with me, or not? d. Are you agree with me?

32. ________________ a question correctly yet?
a. You can ask b. You able to ask c. Can you ask d. Are able you to ask

33. The test will be difficult, __________?
a. doesn’t it b. will it c. won’t it d. isn’t it

34. Maria bought a new car yesterday, ___________?
a. doesn’t she b. isn’t she c. did she d. didn’t she

35. I am the best student in this class, _________?
a. am I b. aren’t I c. am not I d. don’t I

B. Fill in the gaps with only ONE word in the right form according to the context.

36. I feel _________________today because the weather is bad.

37. I want you to ________________whichever dessert you want.

38. When people are thirsty, they should ___________________.

39. It is ____________________ to drive at night in an ice storm.

40. My house is in a very safe _____________________ of the city.

41. This is not a regular store. It is currently called a ______________________.

42. Someone who speaks many languages is ________________________.

43. A person who barely tells the truth is _______________________.

44. We had to _________________ the picnic that day due to the rainy weather.

45. The bomb __________________ at the rear of the bus.

46. He still cannot _________________ a correct sentence in the passive voice.

47. We are old friends, and I’ve always appreciated our ______________________.

48. If you want to borrow books from a library, you need a _____________________ card.

49. I think Joe is wrong. I totally_________________ with him.

50. He is a very ____________________ driver. He’s never had an accident.



A. Circle the correct answer.

1. c 8. a 15. a 22. d 29. c
2. c 9. d 16. c 23. a 30. d
3. c 10. a 17. c 24. d 31. c
4. d 11. b 18. b 25. a 32. c
5. c 12. b 19. a 26. d 33. c
6. a 13. d 20. c 27. a 34. d
7. d 14. c 21. b 28. d 35. b

B. Fill in the gaps with only ONE word in the right form according to the context.

36. depressed/ sad/ blue;

37. choose/ pick out/ select/ order;

38. hydrate;

39. risky/ dangerous/ hazardous;

40. neighborhood/ area;

41. supermarket/ hypermarket/ mall;

42. multilingual;

43. dishonest;

44. cancel/ call off;

45. exploded/ blew up;

46. make (up)/ create/ write;

47. friendship/ relationship;

48. membership;

49. disagree;

50. careful/ cautious/ safe/ good.